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About Getting Paid - Profit Sharing
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July 30, 2012, 5:51pm Report to Moderator
Guest User

The goal here is to bring the Philippines up from last place among the participating countries, while allowing all participants to profit, and for some people to earn a LOT of passive income. http://www.AsianHighway26.com will be the model website the other countries will clone with minor modifications.

Imagine you are a foreign tourist hearing a promo about how 32 Asian countries share a website where all you do is click-a-flag to discover thousands of local members in various tourism categories who live along the highway you will be traveling. So you click the Philippines flag and arrive at AsianHighway26 where you see how its 1-2-3 Easy. You select at #1 "ENTERTAINMENT", on #2 you begin at Zamboanga del Sur and select Laoag City as your last stop before returning home. On #3 you see that local people are listed who have a promo video you watch to see exactly how your vacation will be if you contact    them. So you click the #3 image to see who these people are, what ENTERTAINMENT means to them, what they offer you and extra info like days available, etc. The ones you like you click to add to your list, you pay a dollar for telephone and email data about each one, and then you contact them to make your schedule.

So far so good but how will it ever be sold in the Phils, who will do this, and what compensation is available? My friends that's where YOU come in. Help us overcome these milestones and you will be sharing part of those tourism dollars for years to come.

After this video I'll provide some ideas to help you come up with a plan that will make YOU wealthy


Wii-FM (Whats in it for me)

If you are responsible for promoting local tourism and you promote a website that others are paying to promote, obviously you get way more than what you paid for if you are involved with that website. So spending money to promote "Asian Highway 26" if you live near it is a sure thing.

The people need to be sold on it, and assisted to create short "interesting" promo videos that will make a tourist want to sign up for what you offer. There is NO FEE to register, no accreditation certificates or other barriers to joining. You DO need a minute long video, that does not have your contact info in it. How to contact you is what we sell to pay everyone involved with making this a smashing success.

LGU's (Barangay Officials) must reach out to Marketing Students, Media Students, Filmmakers and others who would love to assist in helping the community residents make simple video presentations. There should be a shared video camera whenever possible. Remember that tourists won't likely come if only 1-2 people have something to offer. People won't visit the SM if only 1-2 stores are open.

Collecting & distributing money: websites have costs, and here those costs are shared by the major players in each location. So for example where it says Laoag City, the residents living there have their videos stored online in a location (S3) that tells us how much traffic was generated. This cost covers virtual tourists who watch videos but don't purchase. This initially is a small amount, less than $5/month depending upon how many videos are watched. The entire AsianHighway26 website is broken down into sections to allow us to know what locations cost us how much to operate.

Let's say you've moved past that point and want to know how you get paid for your efforts. Well obviously we'll have computer records showing income & expenses, breaking down again telling us which locations were profitable and how much we earned because of all the tourists paying a dollar to contact those residents. YOU'll earn a percent of that for your location. How do you obtain a location or be given credits for what is happening in say Laoag City? That is what this discussion is about. Say for example 4 guys live in Manila and begin to work hard on talking to University students and the media. You have hundreds of videos online, Dept of Tourism is helping, and we have earned $. How do you share it is what we want to know. Remember, the Phils is the Demo project the other 31 nations will be cloning, and remember there are a LOT of tourism dollars at stake here.

"But the website doesn't look completed..." That's because we have not yet located Pinoy programmers able to assist us. We're hiring now and have posted Jooma & E-commerce Freelance job offerings online into India and other Asian countries. We use http://basecamp.com/one-page-project for Project Management, same as millions of others do, and have discovered that almost anyone can figure it out within 10 minutes. You Skype DoctorMason.Freelancer and send your email. You'll receive a confirmation email that grants access to most available "To-Do lists" where you can learn almost everything about what remains to be done. If you have skills to assist then you'll know how to get started.

I've told you about a plan to promote tourism in Asia that has all the 32 countries talking about the Asian Highway Network. Now you know that a tourist will start there, click-a-flag of where he wants to visit, and see on the the website a long list of people living close to the main highway.

You know that after watching some FREE videos the citizens have come up with, that some of those videos will be a hit and the tourist will do business with the owners. You have seen that the most common tourism categories have been listed and that most Pinoy can fit inside one of them.

You know that we will be asking for ideas on how to share the money and expenses involved. And you should know that if you contribute here that you could be well rewarded once things kick off.

Please respond here online and feel free to share this with others who can somehow benefit or profit if this become a success here in the Phils.

D.K. Mason
Lucena City
Quezon Prov, Philippines
Skype: DoctorMason.Freelancer
+63 9994767951
+63 9266887127

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December 18, 2012, 9:38am Report to Moderator
Guest User
Attention: What this e-commerce website does is collect FREE information about our members, who join FREE.

Then we try to sell his "contact-us" information that he provided to us FREE, and we sell it for US$1.

The member has a dashboard to adjust his online calendar, to show his schedule. WE charge tourists $1 to make an appointment, and he receives the "contact-us" information about each member in his shopping cart. From there, you contact our member and make ANY KIND of deals you like, we have nothing else to do.

We require each FREE member post a promotional video about what he will do for the tourists, and that goes into making people want to pay us $1 to buy this member's data from us. Very 1-2-3 EZ ecommerce.

If you look at http://www.1.asianhighway26.com you will see the plan is to do this website all over Asia in 32 countries. Anyone living along the Asian Highway Network road in his country is invited to try earning tourism $$ by posting his video offer and letting US promote the website.

Our Demo is AsianHighway26.com and all other countries will be clones, with images for his country. There is a fee to webmaster and operate one of the websites in your country, and you pay us 10% of what your website earns.

All of this is the entire 1-2-3 EZ SIMPLE concept, so now you should go to the index at asianhighway26.com:

In image #1 select ENTERTAINMENT, image #2 begin at top location and end at bottom location.

Image #3 you see 10 (demo) profiles of members who will ENTERTAIN you.

Click the #3 image and get info about the members.

NOW you will see at http://asianhighway26.com/?page_id=440 what needs to be made to look pretty.

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April 27, 2013, 8:50pm Report to Moderator
Guest User

Assistance is required to begin developing franchise agreements acceptable to all concerned, to establish and clarify rights, limitations and obligations of the parties involved. The link above is one of many examples, highlighting the topics and subject matters to be included.
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October 20, 2013, 12:53pm Report to Moderator
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This project seeks to assist one or more of the following MDG Goals:

Various Tourism officials partially responsible for marketing would share the revenue generated say 60% - 75% to them, delivered monthly.

Adding code to the websites so that some Tourist who does not find someone providing the activities desired, can easily register and then post a "Help Wanted" type listing for a fee. They upload their video which describes their ideal situation that anyone online may reply to. A promotional fee is collected online to guarantee the video is in the correct category, contains contact information and remains available for say, 14 - 30 days. Site administrators continue to gain income because to obtain via e-mail contact data of this Tourism advertiser, this prospective service provider is required to pay the normal online fee.
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