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Posted by: 15 (Guest), October 18, 2011, 11:29pm
Asian Highway 26: Philippines Demo Project

The website is and is out of the box Joomla with Community Builder installed. Currently the hosting is with, chosen because of their reputation and scalability.

"To help new AWS customers get started in the cloud, AWS is introducing a free usage tier. New AWS customers will be able to run a free Amazon EC2 Micro Instance for a year, while also leveraging a free usage tier for Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic Block Store, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing, and AWS data transfer. AWS’s free usage tier can be used for anything you want to run in the cloud: launch new applications, test existing applications in the cloud, or simply gain hands-on experience with AWS."

Wikipedia was consulted to obtain a Route log or map identifying the Philippine communities served. On the menu "Popular Places" is a clickable list of these Popular Places one will pass while on the Asian Highway.

Community Builder is installed with the following planned enhancements & restrictions:

1.) Registration is limited to users whose location is listed in the drop down list, City:. While any user could register and not be actually served by the AH26, it is unlikely that tourists will venture off the main road without a compelling reason to do so.

2.) It helps to consider how a dating website operates, by providing information about the person. However to contact the member in the dating site, one must have a paid membership. Here, the plan is to configure a payment option with shopping cart soliciting US $1 for the contact data about anyone offering an approved tourism activity you are interested in.

3.) Clicking onto any "Popular Places" brings up a members database, of all registered users in that location. Citizens are expected to prepare and upload a one minute video presentation, designed to get the tourists to attend his activity or tourist attraction.

4.) The configuration settings will include enough information to allow a virtual traveler to plan an "interesting and unique" vacation experience. This includes dates and times available, and estimated fees being charged.

5.) Front Page Slide Show, available here is being configured to show different pictures depending upon which "Popular Places" one is visiting. This feature is obviously to encourage advertisers to provide the financial support required to successfully complete the programming of this Demo Project. Another function here is to register the amount of traffic

Under Popular Places we find "Key Local Contacts, which will provide data and links that all travelers to that Popular Place should be aware of.

6.) It is expected that the LGU and local Tourism Stakeholders in that area will participate and be provided an account with username password so that a responsible person may register and update that data as required. It is expected the "Key Local Contacts" will be a page that at the minimum, include links to Hospitals, Post Offices, Transportation Facilities, City Hall, Police, Major News Outlets, and whatever else deemed as "You Need To Know".

7.) As this site gains in popularity there will be an increase in the hosting fees and expenses to maintain it. Therefore it is recommended that each "Popular Places" has its own folder of members and promotional videos. This will permit a billing system to be designed which accurately indicates which Popular Places receive lots of traffic and use. Stakeholder in that area will be solicited to offset the expenses of making all of the data in their folders (Buckets) available to the world.


In addition to lacking the financial resources to employ Joomla experts to complete this Philippine Demo Project, consideration must be given to the methods that will win cooperation and marketing assistance from the Philippines Department of Tourism (DOT). This article seems to indicate a lack of willingness to consider Recommendations from the Tourism Congress or the UNESCO proposal that states in part "These countries could join together in promoting tourism under a common tourism banner."

Any common tourism banner of interest to other Asian Highway website developers would likely use a variation of the name "Asian Highway" something. There would be links to the websites of other participants so that when one location advertised "Asian Highway" something, ALL participating websites would receive traffic. This UNESCAP webpage has the correct format, only the wrong URL. We need one domain to promote, that serves everyone.

What is missing is some slogan that any Asian counry can use in its marketing activities to draw attention to the main website in promoting tourism under a common tourism banner."

A Powerpoint Presentation should be created to and made available to the other potential supporters of this project, after a reliable and working website is completed. Should convincingly display the benefits to be gained by adopting and maybe slightly modifying our Philippines Demo Website.


If you have an interest in using Joomla for developing one of our AsianHighway domains, you may PM your request or begin a discussion here.

Anyone wishing to financially support development of this demo project is invited to send funds via paypal to "Mason/AsianHighway26/com".
Posted by: 2 (Guest), October 25, 2011, 1:49pm; Reply: 1

There are 6 images or AsianHighway26 icons here. See anything interesting?
Posted by: 2 (Guest), November 24, 2011, 6:54pm; Reply: 2
Joomla With Community Builder or Jomsocial

  You will install a demo Tourism related website with most of the functions desired, then we will send an invite to our list for them to comment on what else they think they want the site to do, and how it should be modified. A default Joomla 1.6 is installed at Several weeks from today, after they have had time to reply to our invites, we will return and ask you to install the improvements requested by the majority of our members.

This is a Philippines travel and tourism related website, designed to allow tourists to select online his desired tourism activities from our list of activities, then search our members database to see who offers those activities he wants, and to contact the people providing those activities, after he pays U.S. $1 for each of the "contact me" tabs data he wants. To make this site "interesting", there should be some rating system available to those who have paid, to rate the service provider. Also, if some calendar can be printed or stored online so the buyer can have a schedule of what Tourism activity he will do and when he will do it, that would be useful. Such an online calendar should show the location he has planned to be visiting, and what he will do at what time. If it can be updated each time he pays U.S. $1, that would be ideal and useful. It would also make him return more often to the website, and maybe buy the "contact me" for more members.

The Philippine people registering their tourism services will upload a one minute (15mb) video, ( and give basic information about what they offer to tourists. The date and time the user is open for business, and the cost, is available online. The category his tourism activity is in, and if he/she is "accredited" or not. This is free to them. Anyone visiting the website can search to see who is offering what services, and watch the promotional video each member has submitted. No registration is required just to look around.

To prevent junk registrations and outdated members being listed, the developer must make suggestions. Last time logged in by the user, might be a good idea, along with ratings others who paid that user, rating how happy he was with what he received. Maybe bounced emails is another method to verify that the people uploading his profile is still active. Else, each person has a 30-60 day membership which is deleted if not renewed. To renew is as simple as an email confirmation. AEC could be employed for this.  

This site is to have links to the database of members showing up on the main page in each location. So the tourist will click onto a POPULAR PLACES and the members in that location will show up in the COMMUNITY BUILDER. This website is not open to just anyone, it is restricted to those whose address falls inside the locations we have in the registration. You will see those locations listed in the list of POPULAR PLACES.

Another module, located under the POPULAR PLACES, is titled KEY LOCAL CONTACTS, which is an article tied to the location being visited. In that article will be whatever is there, and is managed by a person in that location. So he/she needs access to it, and to only that article if possible. Whenever a new name is listed in a subcategory under POPULAR PLACES, then the KEY LOCAL CONTACTS is to be made available.

As this website starts using bandwidth, the hosting fees will rise. The costs of hosting is paid for by "sponsors", assigned to locations. We need some way, some method to know which locations are receiving lots of traffic, so that the "sponsors" in that location can pay for hosting. How to do this, is for YOU the developer, to know and make happen. Here is information that may solve this, because S3 will show the useage for each bucket. Perhaps we make buckets for each POPULAR PLACE so that bandwidth can be accurately measured and the "sponsor" can pay his fair share.


1.) Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) - Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web.

2.) CloudFront & CDN Support - Amazon CloudFront delivers your static and streaming content using a global network (CDN) of more than 16 locations. Requests for your objects are automatically routed to the nearest edge location, so content is delivered with the best possible performance.

3.) Multiple Buckets Support - Create unlimited buckets for each and / or all media content types, link them all to clouds!

4.) Cron Job Support - Depending on the file types and change frequency, set cron job every day, hour or minute!

5.) Multiple Sync Profiles - Create unlimited profiles to combine settings for various file types & cron job settings, set folders to upload from, explore true power with simple administration interface.

6.) Include / Exclude File Types or Extensions - Select only the file types or extensions you need to be uploaded to Amazon S3.

7.) Enable / Disable Sync for specific files or folders - Select only the most important / accessed files to be uploaded to Amazon S3.

8.) Multiple Amazon S3 Accounts - Each administrator of your website can use his own Amazon S3 Account.

9.) Upload new & update modified files capability - The component is quite capable to detect changes made on the files so it can skip overwriting existing ones.

10) File & Folder ACL System - Set an access level for each of your file or folder.

That FrontPage Slide Show (FPSS) has different images, based upon which location in POPULAR PLACES is currently accessed. Those locations have a folder with the name of the location, so that modifications can be easily made. This is for advertisers to place their image file. If this can be automated, it would not be necessary for the webmaster to do it. But if it can not be automated, the webmaster will always have a job.

This needs to be configured so that data about the user is available. Only his "CONTACE ME" is not available. It becomes available upon payment of U.S. $1, by whomever is buying it.

It looks as if it would be very ez to add a Google Buy Now image into each of the pages in the members database. All we need is some image to represent the tourism places, and for now since they all have the same cost, this should be easy. But we have not picked any image yet. You can suggest something from or any other location.

Posted by: 18 (Guest), November 24, 2011, 7:33pm; Reply: 3

Thank you for your details. I understand and I think there more feature will added like

1. Currency convertor.

2. Hotel lsit

3. Historical place

4. Advise how the tourist will travel

5. Directions

6. Online help

7. Multilingual option

8. Weather info


Posted by: 2 (Guest), November 26, 2011, 10:27am; Reply: 4
OK Rukesh, great ideas! This is the plan, you tell us how many hours it will require for you to put these into the website, and your total fee. I will ask my supervisors to approve that and you can begin Monday - Tuesday if your budget is OK. Check your oDesk and you will see you have been hired.

All other people wanting to make this project a success should post online in this discussion your plans and your proposal, and how much your fee is. This way all will know how transparent and fair this project is to all.
Posted by: 18 (Guest), November 27, 2011, 1:07pm; Reply: 5

I need at least total 60hr to add this function on your site and my rate is hourly $8 and yes I dont get any hire notice from odesk also I need server info where I will put this feature.

Posted by: 20 (Guest), November 27, 2011, 2:53pm; Reply: 6

I have analyzed your site... it will take approximatelly 60-65 hours..

Functionality which you need on your site..

Search system.
Contact me
Rating System
Registeration(one minute video, basic information)
modules populat places, KEY LOCAL CONTACTS
Community builder.

Posted by: 2 (Guest), November 27, 2011, 2:54pm; Reply: 7
Quoted from 18

Thank you for your details. I understand and I think there more feature will added like

1. Currency convertor.

2. Hotel lsit

3. Historical place

4. Advise how the tourist will travel

5. Directions

6. Online help

7. Multilingual option

8. Weather info



If you want to add an extension or component for a currency converter (#1) then I think that is great and should be easy to do.
Your #2 Hotel List however, should be in the members database as a category of members.
On the website at it says "Coming Soon! Members Database.... How it works... Residents register free and upload a video telling tourists why they should contact you. Tourists make their travel plans and include YOU if your video (and fee) is interesting."  This means there should be a search function to allow a tourist to search for the types of tourism activities he/she desires. These are a few Sectors of Tourism to consider in the types of members database:
Adventure & Outdoor Recreations,
Food Services
Accommodations (Hotels, Condominium Apartments, Time Shares, Homestays etc)
Travel Trade
Shopping, Siteseeing, souvineering, exercise, environmental, cultural, ecotourism, scientific expeditions, marine tourism, health & medical related, nature based, ethnic, art & heritage tourism, sea-based, pro-poor, Sports, dark-tourism & even doom tourism.

I think that being able to SEARCH for members in my city who offer what I really want to do, would make my tourism adventure a lot more "interesting". So we should put these sections in the REGISTER so the citizens can figure out where they want to be listed when tourists are searching for something interesting to do.

Also, the cost, and when it is available could be fields added into his profile.

That FPSS could be used for Sponsors, Airlines, Hotels, Mobile Phones, etc. and you are free to submit ideas on it .

Your #3 Historical Places is likely to be something travel or tourism people are offering the tourist? To me, that should be an offering provided by the Philippino people.

4. Advise how the tourist will travel. Again, there is a category for the Transportation Sector where all stakeholders are currently free to use.

5. Directions? I'm not 100% sure I understand this idea, so please be more specific.

6. Online help. For now, on the websites under "POPULAR PLACES" you see a link to "Key Local Contacts". On this page is a link to hospitals, government offices, police, important news and what ever else the person responsible for managing that link, whatever else he/she thinks is important for tourists to know. There should be a person able to login to his location, and update that data as necessary. We don't know yet today who will do that task. But he should be able to do it after he accepts the job.

7. Multilingual option. English & Tagalog are the major languages here in the Philippines. A service provider COULD post his promo video in any language he/she desires. If you are suggesting the tourist can click a link to select which video language he desires, that becomes a programming issue that can be resolved. Are you interested in doing this? Or did your question mean you may want to translate the entire website into various languages? If yes, I believe there are plenty of plugins available that may be used. Good idea!

8. Weather info. In my opinion, as a tourist, this would not assist me in planning my tourist vacation in your location. Why? Because before I leave my country to visit yours, I will go online and plan my vacation, where I'll go, what I'll do, how much time I'll do that, and whatever else your website assists me to do. This may be MONTHS before I actually get to your country, so knowing the weather TODAY is not very important. But others reading this post may have another idea so let's see what they say.
Posted by: 2 (Guest), November 28, 2011, 8:06pm; Reply: 8
From Victor via Skype:

[11/27/2011 2:59:29 PM] Please attatch here your worksheet, showing how many hours each section of your proposal will require. I need to look at it and be sure how I'm spending this money.
[11/27/2011 3:01:07 PM] Especially I need to see modules populat places, KEY LOCAL CONTACTS
[11/27/2011 3:01:22 PM] PHP -OSVIN Web Solutions: I am sending here
[11/27/2011 3:04:58 PM] PHP -OSVIN Web Solutions: Contcat me  -->12 hours
[11/27/2011 3:05:18 PM] PHP -OSVIN Web Solutions: search as you need --->8 hours
[11/27/2011 3:05:31 PM] PHP -OSVIN Web Solutions: rating system-->10 hours
[11/27/2011 3:05:40 PM] PHP -OSVIN Web Solutions: calendar-->10 hours
[11/27/2011 3:06:17 PM] PHP -OSVIN Web Solutions: all registeration things like basic info and one minute video --?15 hours
[11/27/2011 3:06:39 PM] PHP -OSVIN Web Solutions: both of modules will take 12 hours

Skype Name: php.ows  
Posted by: 18 (Guest), November 29, 2011, 9:20pm; Reply: 9

Funny estimation

[11/27/2011 3:01:07 PM] Especially I need to see modules populat places, KEY LOCAL CONTACTS
[11/27/2011 3:01:22 PM] PHP -OSVIN Web Solutions: I am sending here
[11/27/2011 3:04:58 PM] PHP -OSVIN Web Solutions: Contcat me  -->12 hours---->> My estimation 1hr

[11/27/2011 3:05:18 PM] PHP -OSVIN Web Solutions: search as you need --->8 hours----->> 4hr

[11/27/2011 3:05:31 PM] PHP -OSVIN Web Solutions: rating system-->10 hours----->>  2hr

[11/27/2011 3:05:40 PM] PHP -OSVIN Web Solutions: calendar-->10 hours ----->> 6hr

[11/27/2011 3:06:17 PM] PHP -OSVIN Web Solutions: all registeration things like basic info and one minute video --?15 hours----->>ok

[11/27/2011 3:06:39 PM] PHP -OSVIN Web Solutions: both of modules will take 12 hours------>> dont Understand
Posted by: 2 (Guest), December 11, 2011, 8:08pm; Reply: 10
The database at was not properly configured, and was loading after almost one minute. Also, it was costing almost $8.50/month in fees, so it was cancelled on Amazon. It will be re-installed in a new account, in about 2-3 weeks. This is because Mason is traveling into Davao Philippines, and does not have the database with him, and he will not return until near the end of December. Hope this will not cause problems with anyone on this project.
Posted by: 15 (Guest), December 21, 2011, 10:45am; Reply: 11

Route for the Popular Places Menu Links

Laoag City - Tuguegarao
Cagayan Valley Road: Cagayan - Isabela - Nueva Vizcaya - Nueva Ecija - Bulacan
Doña Remedios Trinidad Road: Baliuag - Pulilan
MacArthur Highway: Guiguinto - Valenzuela - Caloocan
Rizal Avenue: Caloocan - Manila
Ronquillo and Bustos Streets: Plaza Carriedo
Plaza Sta. Cruz
Padre Burgos Avenue
Taft Avenue: Manila - Pasay
Redemptorist Road: Pasay - Parañaque
Quirino Highway: Parañaque - Las Piñas
Alabang-Zapote Road
National Highway: Muntinlupa - Calamba
Calamba - Batangas - Laguna - Quezon - Camarines Norte - Camarines Sur - Albay - Sorsogon
Ferry from Matnog to Northern Samar
Northern Samar - Samar - Leyte - Southern Leyte
Ferry from Southern Leyte to Surigao del Norte
Surigao del Norte - Surigao del Sur - Agusan del Sur - Compostela Valley - Davao del Norte - Davao City - Davao del Sur - South Cotabato - Sultan Kudarat - Maguindanao - Lanao del Sur - Lanao del Norte - Zamboanga del Sur - Zamboanga City

Here are the "Popular Places" to be added into the Menu, each location will have a link
Posted by: 15 (Guest), December 22, 2011, 4:04pm; Reply: 12
From Wikipedia, here is what appears on the Menu, and what comes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. Each of these names requires a link and each of these names is required when a user wants to register into the CB database. If the user does not live in one of these locations, he/she is not allowed to register to post his/her profile and video. So when configuring the CB database, these must be considered in the Users Address Locations.

Maharlika Highway

Further information, Pan-Philippine Highway
The Maharlika Highway, or in English, Pan-Philippine Highway, also known as Daang Maharlika, connects Laoag City in Luzon with Zamboanga City in Mindanao. The Maharlika Highway commences from Laoag City then skirts rightward toward Pagudpud and the Claveria coast towards Cagayan, then right again, towards Tuguegarao City, the capital of Cagayan province. The Highway then goes fairly straight, passing through the provinces of Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, Nueva Ecija, and Bulacan, where, in the area near Guiguinto, it merges with the Manila North Road, then route to Metro Manila. In Metro Manila, the highway passes through Rizal Avenue, Plaza Carriedo, Padre Burgos Avenue, then to Taft Avenue. From Taft Avenue, they highway passes through Redemptorist Road, then continues leftward through Quirino Highway until Las Piñas City, where it turns leftward toward the Alabang-Zapote Road, crosses the South Luzon Expressway, then continues on as National Highway towards Laguna province. In Calamba City, it turns left toward Batangas province, then again, in San Pablo City, turns rightward toward Quezon province. It passes through Quezon, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Albay, and Sorsogon provinces. It ends in Matnog town, Sorsogon, then through ferry, goes straight through the Samar and Leyte provinces, then a ferry is again passed, to the island of Mindanao. In Mindanao, it passes through the provinces of Surigao del Norte, Agusan, Davao, Davao del Sur, South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao, Lanao del Sur, Lanao del Norte, and Zamboanga del Sur, where it ends.
Posted by: 15 (Guest), January 22, 2012, 5:07pm; Reply: 13
;D  This advanced searching script was purchased and installed on the test site provided by our sponsor KCPA-TV, over on their site at  Here listed below is the correct order for the Popular Places, and the correct places one must have in his/her address in order to be allowed to register and post a profile:
Laoag City, Pagudpud- Saud Beach, Claveria Coast, Tuguegarao City, Isabela Province, Nueva Vizcaya, Nueva Ecija, Bulacan Province, Guiguinto, MNL North Road, Rizal Avenue, Plaza Carriedo, Padre Burgos Ave, Taft Ave, Redemptionist Rd, Quirino Hwy, Las Pinas City, Alabang-Zapote Rd., National Highway, Laguna Province, Calamba City, Batangas Province, San Pablo City, Quezon Province, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Albay Province, Sarsogon Province, Samar Province, Leyte Province, Surigao Del Norte, Agusan Davao, Davao del Sur, South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao, Lanao del Sur, Lanao del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur
Posted by: 15 (Guest), January 22, 2012, 5:31pm; Reply: 14


Listed from top of map down to bottom of map, correct sequence (each location has unique ID, and force the software to place in that order. Can we include the Map image, or show only the list of Popular Places from Laoag to Zamboanga?

Show output locations from BEGIN location to END location (must be in proper order).


Here we list all the various types of tourism activities


Here is the #of results, listed by location they selected, in correct order. Click the link in that location to see the profiles of all people in that location offering that tourism activity.
Posted by: 15 (Guest), January 22, 2012, 6:13pm; Reply: 15

Shopping,  SiteSeeing,   Souvineering,   Exercise,   Environmental,   Cultural,   EcoTourism,  Scientific Expeditions,  Marine Tourism,  Health-Medical Related, Nature Based,  Ethnic,   Art & Heritage,  Sea Based, Pro-Poor,  Creative, Sports, Dark Tourism, Doom-Tourism, Sex Tourism,

This list should be alphabetized and made to look attractive on the index page.

Let's include a dictionary description that may be read if the mouse pointer is placed over a question mark near the title so the visitor will be educated. Also, so the people providing promo videos will be guided to produce one or more focused promo video presentations.

Please be creative during your layout designs, and do not request step-by-step directions and instructions. You should not attempt this project if you have no idea what an attractive and functional website experience consists of. Instead, take a few minutes to imagine in your mind, what would be interesting, different, useful, and easy to implement with the software tools available.
Posted by: 15 (Guest), February 20, 2012, 8:41pm; Reply: 16
Posted by: 2 (Guest), March 6, 2012, 5:37pm; Reply: 17

This is being revised to correct spelling, and minor header changes. The Philippines image under #3 will be moved onto the map.
Posted by: 15 (Guest), March 13, 2012, 1:59am; Reply: 18
This is the working image "for the time being" to be used as the index page.
This image represents an investment of jus
t under US $100.00 after the image concept was clarified. Additional funding will likely be incurred to have it functioning as desired. This design & concept will be recommended as a starting point for use on the other participating Asian Highway Network countries.

Posted by: 15 (Guest), March 19, 2012, 11:42am; Reply: 19
The recommended final draft of the home page image has been completed and paid for. Will begin employing Joomla developers to install the proposed functions. It was discovered that the current test site requires ffmpeg in order for the registered members to upload his free promotional video, and the hosting company does NOT provide this. The domain " will have to be located elsewheres onto a hosting that has the necessary capabilities.

Additionally, there are now several gigabytes of video available in MP4 to be uploaded into YouTube/AsianHighway26. Due to the slow speed of the current Wi-Fi connection we have, it is impossible to upload reasonably, so we are attempting to find a sponsor for the High Speed PLDT Xcite internet services, at approx 2,700 pesos per month.

I am developing an "Introduction to Asian Highway 26" video explaining the goals the service is to accomplish. It will require all stakeholders to participate and provide continued inputs of local videos. We will initially sponsor portions of the proposed TV announcements to develop local interest "buzz" as it is often called.
Posted by: 15 (Guest), April 3, 2012, 5:05pm; Reply: 20

Notice how this looks not organized? It should look better, maybe some ideas can be posted here.  8)
Posted by: 15 (Guest), April 21, 2012, 2:58pm; Reply: 21

Now you have the new & improved homepage showing up. It was completed and paid for but now requires modifications to link to all of the other pages listed here:

The above link is a PDF file that contains the instructions on how to configure the search functions so that the correct results are returned when any user plays with the website.
Posted by: 15 (Guest), April 21, 2012, 4:03pm; Reply: 22
Adventure & Outdoor Recreations,
Art Heritage
Dark Tourism
Doom Tourism
Eco Tourism
Food Services
Health - Medical Related
Marine Tourism
Nature Based
Pro Poor
Scientific Expeditions
Sea Based
Sex Tourism
Site Seeing
Travel Trade

Here is the list of tourism categories that users of our service may enroll within, and may also select these categories of
activities for his/her adventures. Notice that they have been sorted alphabetically.
Posted by: 2 (Guest), June 2, 2012, 6:13pm; Reply: 23
We have contracted some Joomla freelancers in India on to work together as a TEAM to finish this project a.s.a.p., maybe within 2-3 days. One person speaking the same language is assigned TEAM LEADER. His job is to know everything the others are doing, to give them guidance when needed, and to verify that when they submit their WORK LOGS that it accurately reflects work being done.

For example, a worker may spend an hour or more just looking at different parts of our website, but do very little or not do any work. The Team Leader will be provided with a link to the Work Logs and contact each person to obtain a written report detailing WHY so much time was spent in parts of the website.

Your Team Leaders are not to do any software coding, only supervise those who do the work. And verify that work was done if they are billing us for it. Hourly workers generally are in no hurry to quickly finish any job, as they have to begin over seeking another paying freelance opportunity.

To train the TEAM LEADER is quite easily done, just let him/her know what is expected, what we want to accomplish. Anyone reading this discussion will know just about everything necessary. Reading all of the discussion here, will assist new freelancers to not have to ask much about what to do, and it lets them know if their skills and abilities are up to a level where they should even apply to join us.

Posted by: 15 (Guest), September 21, 2012, 10:48am; Reply: 24

Posted by: 15 (Guest), December 6, 2012, 4:14pm; Reply: 25
wp_RECAPTCHA added on 2012-12-06 into Contact-Us page. Was receiving too many non-related (SPAM)
comments and emails. Lowest bidder wanted $30 so I did the install and configuration myself.

We want to review why the CSS is not putting the search results in the correct location in index.php which was
working fine until I installed the new booking calendar. If you look at image #3 you will see the search results are displayed incorrectly

This booking calendar appears to be what we require and will be configured so that each member can modify
their available dates and times.
Posted by: 15 (Guest), December 18, 2012, 9:38am; Reply: 26
Attention: What this e-commerce website does is collect FREE information about our members, who join FREE.

Then we try to sell his "contact-us" information that he provided to us FREE, and we sell it for US$1.

The member has a dashboard to adjust his online calendar, to show his schedule. WE charge tourists $1 to make an appointment, and he receives the "contact-us" information about each member in his shopping cart. From there, you contact our member and make ANY KIND of deals you like, we have nothing else to do.

We require each FREE member post a promotional video about what he will do for the tourists, and that goes into making people want to pay us $1 to buy this member's data from us. Very 1-2-3 EZ ecommerce.

If you look at you will see the plan is to do this website all over Asia in 32 countries. Anyone living along the Asian Highway Network road in his country is invited to try earning tourism $$ by posting his video offer and letting US promote the website.

Our Demo is and all other countries will be clones, with images for his country. There is a fee to webmaster and operate one of the websites in your country, and you pay us 10% of what your website earns.

All of this is the entire 1-2-3 EZ SIMPLE concept, so now you should go to the index at

In image #1 select ENTERTAINMENT, image #2 begin at top location and end at bottom location.

Image #3 you see 10 (demo) profiles of members who will ENTERTAIN you.

Click the #3 image and get info about the members.

NOW you will see at what needs to be made to look pretty.

Posted by: 15 (Guest), May 3, 2013, 5:06pm; Reply: 27
HOW TO EARN MONEY HERE... These opportunities will likely become another franchise offer, as development is going that direction. This video is one of many about franchising a business.
Posted by: 15 (Guest), October 20, 2013, 12:07pm; Reply: 28

This project seeks to assist one or more of the following MDG Goals:

Various Tourism officials partially responsible for marketing would share the revenue generated say 60% - 75% to them, delivered monthly.

Adding code to the websites so that some Tourist who does not find someone providing the activities desired, can easily register and then post a "Help Wanted" type listing for a fee. They upload their video which describes their ideal situation that anyone online may reply to. A promotional fee is collected online to guarantee the video is in the correct category, contains contact information and remains available for say, 14 - 30 days. Site administrators continue to gain income because to obtain via e-mail contact data of this Tourism advertiser, this prospective service provider is required to pay the normal online fee.
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This project seeks to assist one or more of the following MDG Goals:

Various Tourism officials partially responsible for marketing would share the revenue generated say 60% - 75% to them, delivered monthly.

Adding code to the websites so that some Tourist who does not find someone providing the activities desired, can easily register and then post a "Help Wanted" type listing for a fee. They upload their video which describes their ideal situation that anyone online may reply to. A promotional fee is collected online to guarantee the video is in the correct category, contains contact information and remains available for say, 14 - 30 days. Site administrators continue to gain income because to obtain via e-mail contact data of this Tourism advertiser, this prospective service provider is required to pay the normal online fee.
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