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Posted by: 15 (Guest), September 20, 2012, 6:57pm
We’ll pay you to contact us with ideas to make this website operate better, make it more fun, easier to
use and more profitable to everyone who uses it.

These maps may assist your research
Posted by: 15 (Guest), December 18, 2012, 9:39am; Reply: 1
Attention: What this e-commerce website does is collect FREE information about our members, who join FREE.

Then we try to sell his "contact-us" information that he provided to us FREE, and we sell it for US$1.

The member has a dashboard to adjust his online calendar, to show his schedule. WE charge tourists $1 to make an appointment, and he receives the "contact-us" information about each member in his shopping cart. From there, you contact our member and make ANY KIND of deals you like, we have nothing else to do.

We require each FREE member post a promotional video about what he will do for the tourists, and that goes into making people want to pay us $1 to buy this member's data from us. Very 1-2-3 EZ ecommerce.

If you look at you will see the plan is to do this website all over Asia in 32 countries. Anyone living along the Asian Highway Network road in his country is invited to try earning tourism $$ by posting his video offer and letting US promote the website.

Our Demo is and all other countries will be clones, with images for his country. There is a fee to webmaster and operate one of the websites in your country, and you pay us 10% of what your website earns.

All of this is the entire 1-2-3 EZ SIMPLE concept, so now you should go to the index at

In image #1 select ENTERTAINMENT, image #2 begin at top location and end at bottom location.

Image #3 you see 10 (demo) profiles of members who will ENTERTAIN you.

Click the #3 image and get info about the members.

NOW you will see at what needs to be made to look pretty.

Posted by: 15 (Guest), April 28, 2013, 4:52pm; Reply: 2

Assistance is required to begin developing franchise agreements acceptable to all concerned, to
establish and clarify rights, limitations and obligations of the parties involved. The link above is one of many
examples, highlighting the topics and subject matters to be included.
Posted by: 15 (Guest), May 3, 2013, 5:11pm; Reply: 3
How To Earn Money Here...

These opportunities will likely become another franchise offer, as development is going that direction. This video is one of many about franchising a business. Now is an excellent time to assist with this portion.
Posted by: 15 (Guest), October 20, 2013, 12:01pm; Reply: 4

This project seeks to assist one or more of the following MDG Goals:

Various Tourism officials partially responsible for marketing would share the revenue generated say 60% - 75% to them, delivered monthly.

Adding code to the websites so that some Tourist who does not find someone providing the activities desired, can easily register and then post a "Help Wanted" type listing for a fee. They upload their video which describes their ideal situation that anyone online may reply to. A promotional fee is collected online to guarantee the video is in the correct category, contains contact information and remains available for say, 14 - 30 days. Site administrators continue to gain income because to obtain via e-mail contact data of this Tourism advertiser, this prospective service provider is required to pay the normal online fee.
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